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The MSE Worldwide Life Jacket provides the highest level of security for your firearm while in storage or during transportation. No other safety device combines full action coverage with the convenience of portability. Each is manufactured with heavy-duty locking mechanisms designed to impede the most tortuous intrusion attempts.

The Life Jacket is desgined to be mounted wherever you need quick access: in closets, under a bed, and even in an automobile. When mounted properly, the Life Jacket device becomes a virtual gun safe, without the bulky size and allows you the quick access you need, when you need it.

Go to the Instructions page to download a Firearm Compatibility Chart for the Life Jacket.

Lisae from Arizona attaches LJ2 to her Soft Motorcycle Bags. Open PDF file.

Note: If you want to share how you use MSE Worldwide products, send us an email at sales@mseworldwide.com